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Carbon Monoxide is a highly poisonous gas. It is odorless, colorless and tasteless earning the nickname the “Silent Killer.” Each year in the United States alone, tens of thousands of people are sickened and hundreds are killed by accidental Carbon Monoxide poisoning. The majority of these cases are automotive related, although additional deaths are tied to defective home and commercial heating systems as well as portable fossil fuel burning devices (i.e., generators).

Anthony’s Light Foundation, Inc. is an educational non-profit organization that was established to promote awareness of Carbon Monoxide poisoning and increase preventive efforts to stop needless deaths. The organization was founded by Vilma Perez after the tragic loss of her son, Anthony J. Perez, from accidental Carbon Monoxide poisoning that had leaked from the vehicle’s exhaust into the cabin while sitting idly in an open parking lot. She has since been an Ambassador for awareness of Carbon Monoxide poisoning. The organization has made it its primary mission to campaign for changes in legislation and lobby the government and the automotive industry for the manufacturing and installation of CO detectors that would lead to the improvement of safety conditions and prevent further unnecessary loss of life.

In response to public concerns over CO poisoning and deaths, Blue Guard Technologies was born and with it, the creation of a system that would not only detect the presence of CO, but be proactive in preventing accidental poisoning as a result. The company, through electronic intelligence and action, has invented the first product of its kind – a device installed in vehicles that not only detects CO, but stops further production of CO at the source by shutting down the vehicle’s engine. Blue Guard Technologies has also created a line of CO-responsive products for portable generators and home heating systems that similarly stop increasing levels of CO by shutting off the source. In addition, all product designs feature remote monitoring and emergency service notification capabilities meaning individuals not only receive alerts via their smartphone, but in the event of life threatening conditions, can rest assured first responders are on their way.

Blue Guard Technologies was founded by Ken Karlin after a close friend lost his mother from CO poisoning caused by the vehicle being accidentally left running in an enclosed garage attached to her home. Through combined suffering and a relentless desire for much needed change, Anthony’s Light Foundation and Blue Guard Technologies are pleased to announce their collaborative partnership to expand efforts for CO awareness, prevention and safety. The non-profit, based in South Florida, and the company, based in New York, are excited to build a longstanding relationship with the goal of influencing a national as well as international revolution.

“It’s such a horrible problem that must be solved and we need to work together to prevent further senseless loss of life,” said Ken Karlin of Blue Guard Technologies. “If we can save even one life, we believe we have made a difference,” says Vilma Perez of Anthony’s Light Foundation. “This product will save lives. It would have saved my son’s life.”

Both the company and the non-profit are in the process of raising funds to assist with manufacturing, marketing and development efforts. To make a contribution to the cause, please visit or for more information.

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