Jennifer Perez

I help spear-head the foundation with my mother, Vilma Perez, as the Vice President for Anthony’s Light. I also have the privilege of being Tony’s little sister. My brother has always served as two strong figures in my life: my role model and my best friend. He showed me how to strive to be the best and be the leader among my peers – giving up is never an option. Although he is no longer with me physically, I carry him in my heart – I live for the both of us and he watches through my eyes. I am currently pursuing a degree in International Business and Mass Communication. I served as my brother’s voice in Tallahassee when we supported Senate Bill 1822 (which mandates the installation of a CO detector in all Florida homes and newly built establishments). I conduct presentations at schools, summer camps, outreach programs and all other locations where we are asked to speak. I prepare correspondence and follow through with sponsors and supporting opportunities. I can be reached via e-mail at or via cell-phone at (786) 419-3039.