Andrea Quintero
Southwest Senior High School
While in high school, Andrea worked her way up from regular courses to Advanced Placement courses and was accepted in many clubs such as the Eco Club and the Davinci Society. Since freshman year in High School, she ranked in the top ten percent and graduates at the top four percent of her class. All the while, Andrea was able to balance school academics, play in the girls basketball league, conduct volunteer work, and hold a part time job after school. Her plans for the future include studying at the University of South Florida and obtaining a doctorate’s degree in Veterinary medicine.
Allan Valiente
Florida International University
Currently finishing his junior year at Florida International University, Allan is pursuing a bachelor of science in biomedical engineering with a minor in computer science. He hopes to eventually get into the field of prosthetics or pathology diagnostics, and is currently interning for a company named Entopsis. Throughout his time at this institution, he has taken on several on-campus involvements like that of Panther Camp, Peer Mentor, Dance Marathon, Alternative Breaks, as well as several positions within his fraternity, Pi Kappa Phi. Honored was the most resonating feeling in winning a scholarship named after such an esteemed brother and FIU panther.